re:nable have generated SEK 163 millions in extra sales together with our e-tail partners in 2020

re:nable acts as a broker between e-tailers and brands. We enable brands to do remarketing campaigns that target consumers from our e-tail partners’ websites. Our campaigns generate 100% free additional sales for e-tailers and enable brands to reach consumers that are ready-to-buy, creating a win-win solution for both e-tailers and brands.

E-commerce is a competitive industry and increasing the profitability is a continuous priority for e-tailers. Cooperative remarketing with brands, enables e-tailers to get complementary performance marketing which generates free conversions, increased sales, and strengthens the brand awareness long term, without adding cost.

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How we increase your sales!

Data driven conversion platform

Compliant and safe data processing

Brand sponsored remarketing campaigns

Monetize your data and content

Retargeting ads which include positive reviews

Hyper personalized ads


re:nable is a trusted e-tailer partner for cooperative remarketing

Great customer references

Compliant with privacy regulations

Safe processing of data

A balanced nurturing of consumers

Follow your design guidelines

No impact on your resources

Complete transparency

Efficient, innovative ads with proven high KPIs

The brands pay for our campaigns and our ads are thus “brand centric”, with a focus on the product’s key selling points. Our campaigns strengthen your own marketing as they act as complimentary communication to your own marketing efforts (usually focusing on key selling points such as free shipping, price guarantee etc).

Our ads are enriched with positive reviews from your own product pages, which means that we turn your own customers into your best influencers. Expert reviews from well-known and trusted local publications are used to increase consumers’ feeling of trust.

Our marketing is done under your brand, following your brand design guidelines to the point. Consumers experience our ads as relevant because the ads contain precisely the information that they are looking for (reviews, reasons-to-buy) and the consumer have already interacted with your site and the advertised product.

Our campaigns have a proven track record of impressive KPIs, generating a recurring value for both our e-tail partners and brand clients.


Why are reviews crucial for maximized conversion?

80% higher conversion rate.

Relevant, user and expert reviews increase conversion with more than 80%.

12 times more trusted.

Consumers trust reviews 12X higher than marketing communication from the seller.

Made by users and experts.

Consumers trust their peers and selected experts.

 Today 95% of shoppers consult reviews.

86% consider them essential, and 82% check negative reviews.

“re:nable provides high quality traffic to our site, in parity with our own best traffic. We have noted excellent KPIs on bounce rate and time spent from their leads - and we get it for free.”

Daniel Jensen, Digital Marketing Manager

“We use re:nable simply because their performance marketing campaigns provides the highest quality at the lowest cost.”

Sara Jeppsson, Nordic Marketing Manager

Why work with re:nable?

We are in this for the long run so we will ensure that you, as our retail partner, will benefit from recurring extra revenues by consistently and appropriately reinforce the communication of your brand and your position in the market.

Re:nable is already working with 20+ large CE brands that are ready to spend additional marketing budget driving leads and sales to your website.

We are trusted by many of the largest e-tailers in the Nordics, continuously creating value which adds to their bottomline.